Terms and conditions – Conditions of Sale


The website and online store LINCOS is owned by Lincos d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to also as the Seller), whose

address is: Celovška cesta 492, 1210 Ljubljana –Šentvid; the company registration number is 6263976000 and the

tax number of the company is 56623593. The company is registered at the Regional Court of Ljubljana (Okrožno

sodišče v Ljubljani), Srg 2012/47487.

The online store LINCOS consists of online stores on the following websites: www.lincos.siwww.lincos.it, www.lincos.at and www.lincos.fr. These terms and conditions apply

to all the websites mentioned above.

For all additional information and questions please contact us by means of the following company information

(hereinafter referred to as Contact information):

- Lincos d.o.o., Celovška cesta 492, 1210 Ljubljana - Šentvid, Slovenia (the address of the head office


- shop@lincos.si (customer service, sales department)

- racunovodstvo@lincos.si (financial department)

- servis@lincos.si (technical support)

- pritozbe@lincos.si (customer service, complaints)

- telephone: +386 599 70152,+386 313 90850

General terms and conditions apply to the functioning of the online store LINCOS, rights and obligations of the

user and the store and regulate the business relations between the Seller and the Buyer. Additionally, general

terms and conditions partially regulate the terms and conditions of purchase via Lincos shop.

By using the online store LINCOS and/or ordering a product, you agree to these terms and conditions of use. These

terms and conditions are subject to change and we therefore reserve the right to make any changes to existing

terms and conditions without prior notice. For your purchase, the terms and conditions, valid at the moment of

purchase (order), are applied. When submitting the order, the buyer is additionally notified of the general terms

and conditions every time. By confirming the order, the buyer agrees that he has read and accepts our terms and

conditions. Terms and conditions can also be viewed at the Lincos d.o.o. shop. If you have any additional questions

regarding the terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The terms and conditions of the online store LINCOS are construed in accordance with the following Slovenian

laws: Consumer Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot)), Personal Data Protection Act (Zakon o

varstvu osebnih podatkov (ZVOP-1) and Electronic Communications Act (Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah



It is possible to use the online store LINCOS without registration. This means that you can view the items on offer,

check their descriptions, prices, actual promotions as well as find other general information. However, you have

to register on the website before purchases in the online store LINCOS can be made. During the registration, you

will choose your username and password. After login, this information enables you to purchase items, check your

orders and manage your personal information. All notifications, related to your order, will be sent to the e-mail

address provided during the registration.


The items, shown on the LINCOS website, are constantly being updated and are liable to change.

If the item is marked as being “in stock” this means that the item is in our warehouse, therefore being available

for delivery at the moment of purchase and can be purchased using the offered order options.

If the item is marked as being “out of stock”, this means that we do not have the item at the moment. In such

cases the order cannot be finalised. If you would like to order, reserve or find out the approximate delivery date

of an out-of-stock item, please contact us.

If the item that you have already purchased is not in stock due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be

immediately notified; in the case of finalised payment you will also be immediately refunded the paid amount.


The item prices are listed both including and excluding value added tax (VAT), unless explicitly stated differently.

For each item or service the full price that needs to be paid must include VAT. All prices are in euro (€). The prices

are valid at the moment of order and are valid as long as the offer stands (5 days). The final price of the item and

the price of shipping will be shown upon completing the order as well as in the order confirmation sent by e-mail.

The prices are valid in the case of payment options listed below and under the terms and conditions listed below.

If you would like to receive a receipt excluding VAT (other countries), please contact us. Given that you fulfil the

necessary requirements stipulated by the law, we will issue such an invoice.

Discounts are valid until the final date of the promotion or until the item is sold out.

The item prices shown in the online store and in the actual Lincos retail store can be different.

The pictures can be symbolic and do not always reflect the actual situation, always contact our sales staff for accurate and detailed information.


To order online, follow the steps described below:

Choose the desired item and click on the “Add to cart” button. The default amount of order is 1, but if you want

to order more items, change the default amount before you click on the “Add to cart” button. The quantity of

items can also be adjusted in the cart. When you finish adding the desired items, click on the cart sign. If you are

interested in the cost of the delivery, you can click the “Shipping rates” button and you will see all the offered

shipping options.

After clicking the cart button and the “Show cart” button, you will be redirected to the “Cart” page. On this page,

you can view all the items that you have placed inside, their quantity, price and the total amount of the order. If

you wish to delete an item, click on the “Trash Can” button (Button is marked with cross, next to the quantity

information) and the item will be removed from the cart. If you wish to adjust the amount of items ordered, change

the number in the corresponding window. The number can be either entered manually or adjusted to the desired

amount by clicking on the up and down arrows. After entering the new amount, click on the “Refresh” button

(consists of two arrows forming a circle, next to the quantity information) and the order will be recalculated. When

you proceed to the next step, you will no longer be able to change information in the cart, or you will have to start

from the beginning.

If you now still have items in the cart and you wish to proceed with your purchase, click “Continue” or “Place order

(checkout)”. If you have already logged in before adding the items to the cart, the items will remain in the cart

even if you log out. This enables you to save items for further use, however, the availability of these items is not

guaranteed. If you have not logged in, you will have to log in or register to create your Lincos account before

After a successful registration or login, you need to complete four more steps to finish your order: billing and

shipping information, shipping options, payment methods and finalisation of the order.

1. Billing and shipping information

In this step, the Buyer provides his billing and shipping information. The information in your account will be set as

default information. If you wish to change the billing address, you need to change it at this point. The default

settings presuppose that your billing address is the same as your shipping address. If it is not so, please provide

the desired shipping information. When you have finished, click “Continue”.

2. Shipping options

The next step is choosing the desired delivery option. For each order, you will be offered all possible shipping

options. Personal pick-up is free and the items can be picked up at the head office. The rest of the shipping options

are different shipping companies that can handle the delivery. In general, all offered shipping options are possible

unless the item cannot be accepted by a particular shipping company, due to their limitations. Choose the shipping

option that suits you best and click “Continue”.

3. Payment methods

Choose the payment method that suits you. The payment must be made before pick-up or before the item is

dispatched. Click “Continue”.

4. Finalisation of the order

On the final page, all order information and entered details will be displayed. Check the order to see if the

information is correct. If you need to add a note, you can do so in the provided window. If you are satisfied with

the order, click the “Confirm order” button. By so doing, you have submitted your order. You will receive an order

confirmation by e-mail.

To place an order by phone, please contact us by dialling either +386 599 70152 or +386 313 90850. Our customer

services will help you choose everything mentioned above. For a quicker placement of the order, you can prepare

the codes of the desired items or a detailed description. Our sales person will send you an offer by regular mail or

by e-mail to the provided address. You can also place your order by e-mail, which you can send to our sales

department at shop@lincos.si.

The contract is finalised with the order confirmation or by the payment of the amount agreed on the offer. After

the contract is finalised, changes or cancellations cannot be made, unless by one of the following options: return,

exchange or revoking an order.


Several different payment options are possible: payment with cash, credit card, bank transfer to our bank account,

payment through PayPal and cash-on-delivery payment.

1. Payment with cash

Payment with cash is possible at our stores or on fairs where we display our merchandise. The payment in cash

can be rejected if the total amount exceeds the legally prescribed maximum amount that can be paid in cash.

2. Payment with credit card

Payment with credit card is possible at our stores or on fairs where we display our merchandise. We accept

payment cards, such as Activa, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express – it is also possible to

pay in instalments.

3. Bank transfer

Bank transfer to the bank account of the company is possible if you order online, by telephone, e-mail or personally

at one of our stores. After the order has been submitted, an offer or a pro forma invoice will be sent to your email

address. The payment must be made before the items can be dispatched or picked-up.

4. Payment through PayPal

Payment through PayPal is possible if you order online, by telephone, e-mail or personally in one of our stores.

The payment is made by one of the methods, described below, depending on the site that you use or the purchase

option that you have chosen.

1. After the order has been submitted, you will receive a PayPal request for payment to your e-mail address

(without being automatically redirected). The request must be paid before you pick up the ordered items.

2. After the order has been submitted, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website, where the

payment is made by entering your details and by confirmation.

5. Cash-on-delivery payment

The cash-on-delivery payment is possible when ordering online, by telephone, e-mail or personally in one of our

stores. After submitting the order, you will receive the receipt and the dispatching confirmation by e-mail. When

ordering certain items, cash-on-delivery payment is not possible. Please, have the required amount for purchase

ready before the delivery. If you will not be able to pay the full amount, the delivery company will not be able to

give you the ordered items.

6. Funding options

For companies, several funding options are possible (loan, leasing). Please, contact us for more information.


Different delivery companies are contracted for shipping products. For shipping to Slovenia, we work with Gold

Ekspres and Englmayer companies. We reserve the right to choose another shipping company, if this means a

more effective fulfilment of your order. If explicitly stated so by the Buyer, another shipping company can be used,

but in this case the information on delivery costs calculated during the order in the online store LINCOS is not

When the order is submitted before 11:00 a.m. on working days, it will be processed on the same day. Your order

will be dispatched upon receiving your payment unless the cash-on-delivery option was chosen. If the payment is

completed before 2:00 a.m., the items will be dispatched on the same day. If not, the items will be dispatched on

the next working day. In the case of cash-on-delivery, the items are dispatched upon processing the order. In the

case of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances outside our influence, delays may be caused and the abovementioned

terms cannot apply.

The telephone number and the e-mail address of the acquirer need to be provided for delivery so that the courier

can contact you. If the delivery is unsuccessful, the second delivery will be attempted again on the next working

day (after prior agreement with the delivery company). If the second delivery is unsuccessful, the ordered items

will be returned to our central warehouse. After that, you will have 2 day’s time to pick up the items. However,

when these 2 days pass, the items will be unpacked and we will no longer be able to guarantee their availability.

Latter attempts of delivery can be arranged by the Buyer in this time span, however, the price of the delivery shall

be charged according to our price list and the payment will have to be made in advance.

Shipping prices are calculated according to the weight and dimensions of the package. For an informative

calculation, you can use our informative chart, available on the website http://www.lincos.si/en/delivery. Please

contact us to receive the accurate information.

Please check the package upon delivery along with the courier. In the case of visible damages on the package and

therefore on the item, do not sign the item. However, if you notice damage on the item that has been evidently

caused before the delivery, you can take the package, since we guarantee the exchange of the item. In both cases,

fill in the complaint record form along with the courier. Please, contact us as soon as possible, at the very latest

within three days, so that the matter can be sorted out.


The receipt is issued when the items are dispatched (whether by a courier or are picked up personally). The receipt

is issued in paper form. In case of pickup of items at the store, you will receive the receipt immediately; whereas

if the goods are being delivered, the receipt will be added to the package.

The contract is kept at the head office. To receive a copy of the contract, please send a written demand to our email

address: racunovodstvo@lincos.si or by mail to the head office.

Complaints regarding the receipt can be made within 8 days after receiving the receipt and must be made in

written form and sent to our e-mail address: racunovodstvo@lincos.si or by mail to the head office. Latter changes

are not possible.


After purchase, if you realise that bought item does not suit your needs, it is possible to exchange or return the

item. The exchange or return is possible only with the receipt within 14 days from the issue date, marked on the

receipt. The Buyer covers all return shipping charges. Moreover, the items that were consciously bought from the

Complaints warehouse (discounted items that were broken or showed signs of heavy use), cannot be exchanged.

The item will be accepted only in the case of it being returned completely unused in the same state as it was

dispatched. You must return all items from the package, including the original packaging, the warranty certificate

and the instructions manual. If the item consists of several parts, all must be returned.

If you wish to return or exchange items that are part of a discounted set you can only do so if you return all the

items from the set.

If you deliver an item that does not fulfil the requirements described herewith, we won’t be able to accept it.

Therefore, you can pick it up personally at our store, or it could be resent to your address at your expense.

In the case of returns or exchanges, the company cannot, however, refund you using the original payment method.

Instead, your payment shall be refunded via voucher that you will be able to use when buying another product

from the company. If exchanging the item for a more expensive one, the difference in price will require extra

payment. In the case of exchanging the item for a cheaper product, the difference in price will be refunded with a

voucher for your next purchase.

The conditions listed above do not apply to customers that fulfil the requirements for revoking the contract, as

described below.


Customers (these rights apply only to individuals that have purchased the items for non-commercial use) that have

placed an order outside the shop, through the online store, by mail or by phone, have the right to withdraw the

order within 14 days after the goods have been received. The withdrawal claim must be made in written form,

while the reason for withdrawal does not need to be explicitly stated. You can send the form by e-mail to our email

address shop@lincos.si or by post to the head office.

When withdrawing the order, you need to return the received items at least within 14 days after submitting the

withdrawal claim. The expense of the return shipping is borne by the buyer. The goods can be returned either

personally or shipped to the head office. The pick-up of the product can be arranged by the Company, but in such

a case, the shipping expense will be charged according to the shipping pricelist. When returning the goods, you

must provide the Withdrawal claim form (form). Items that were sent before the deadline, count as being

returned within the allowed time limit, even though they have not yet been received by the company. Since

package misplacement or loss may happen when using delivery services, please ask for an acknowledgement of

the dispatch, such as a receipt of the delivery. If your package gets lost, we will be able to finalise your withdrawal

from the contract based on the said deposit receipt. If you will not have the deposit receipt, we will sadly be

obliged to presume that the items were never dispatched to us.

The customer must return the item to the seller undamaged and in the case of multiple items, in the same quantity

as received, unless the item had been destroyed, broken, lost or the quantity of the items was lower than ordered

without it being the Customer’s fault. The item must not be used as normal during the withdrawal period. You

may check and test the item on a limited scale merely to check the actual state of the item. If the value of the item

has been reduced, you are responsible for the loss of value insofar as it is a direct consequence of item use that

was not necessary to check the nature, properties and functions of the item.

The customer has no right to revoke the order when the item had been made according to the customer’s specific

instructions or has been adjusted to suit the customer’s personal needs or wishes.

The customer covers only the expense of the return shipping of the items.

The refund will be made as soon as possible, at latest within 14 days after the withdrawal claim has been received.

The refund can be delayed until we receive the returned items or until the customer presents a proof of return

shipping, unless the items were returned via delivery that was organised by the company.

The refund will be made using the original payment method. In the case of payment by credit card, the amount

cannot be returned by using the same method, so it will instead be transferred to your bank account. A gift card

is also a payment option and is refunded in the form of a new gift card equal to the purchase price. If the buyer

explicitly wishes to be refunded using a different payment method, we will do so as long as such a change does

not present additional costs for the buyer. If you wish to choose a payment option that does not allow for a refund

(for example, paying through PayPal, which does not allow a refund of the actual purchase), we will notify you of

the issue and offer you to choose among the other refund options that will not create additional costs for you.

If the consumer decides to withdraw the contract that includes items that were sold as part of a promotional

package, the customer can withdraw the contract only for the entire package. Therefore, all items that were

included in the promotional package must be returned.

All the conditions listed above are valid for individual customers that have purchased the items online or outside

the shop. All others (companies, customers that have bought items in a shop), do not have the right to withdraw

their order. In the case of dissatisfaction with the items, you can return or exchange them as stated in the previous


If you notice that your order is not complete, that you have received the wrong items or the items in wrong

quantity, please contact us within 8 days from the date of issue of the receipt. Your complaint will be processed

and in the case of error, the order will be suitably corrected.

We offer a 1-year warranty for all items. When filing for a warranty, add a copy of the receipt and fill in the form

that can be found here (form). We guarantee the quality of the product and its faultless functioning within the

warranty period if and only if the product is being used according to the provided instructions manual and the

purpose of the product. The warranty period starts with the date of delivery.

We offer maintenance, service and spare parts for our products within three years after the end of the warranty


The item is faulty when:

1. It does not possess the qualities, needed for a normal use.

2. It does not possess the qualities, needed for a special purpose for which it was intended, which was or should

have been known by the seller.

3. It does not possess the qualities or properties that were explicitly stated or implied.

4. It does not match the models or samples shown to the buyer, unless the models or samples were only shown

as symbolic.

The faulty item is checked in comparison to another, faultless model of the same product, and in comparison, with

any claims made by seller and the claims written on the product itself.

When making a claim, you need to do so within the legally bounding time period, stated by the law, and by filling

out special form, available on the website (form available here) along with providing a detailed description of the fault. The

buyer must enable the seller to check the item. In case of faulty product, we will follow your instructions, as stated

in the form. However, if the item will be shown to be without fault, it will be available for pick-up in our store for

60 days. We can also resend you the item, but in this case, the costs of shipping are covered by the buyer.

The guarantee in case of a faulty product is regulated by Slovenian law, namely by Consumer Rights Act (Zakon o

varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot)) and by Code of Obligations (Obligacijski zakonik (OZ)).


We also offer gift cards for purchase. Upon payment, you will receive a document containing necessary

information (=gift card), which can be used by anyone of your choosing to purchase item in the amount indicated

on the gift card. Each gift card has a unique identification number.

Gift cards can be purchased by telephone, e-mail or personally in the shop. The gift card is valid 12 months from

the date of purchase.

It is not possible to redeem a gift card for cash. A gift card can only be redeemed up to the full amount. The price

of the purchase must be the same or higher than the amount indicated on the gift card. If the price of item is

higher than the value of the gift card, the difference in price is covered by the buyer.

It is possible to redeem a gift card with any method of purchase. If you are buying an item in the shop, you need

to bring the original gift card. In other cases, the code of the gift card needs to be provided.


We are trying to keep you up to date with each step of your purchase on our sites by regularly informing you of

the order progress. The order status can be checked by login on the website or by contacting us to receive the

latest information on order status.

After submitting your order online, you will receive a note confirming that we have received your order. After this

note has been sent, the order is processed. We check the order to see if all necessary details have been provided,

if the ordered items are in stock and which shipping options are possible. If there any information is missing, or if

the item is out of stock or cannot be shipped to you, we will contact you. You will be able to change or cancel the

order and in such cases, the entire payment made will be refunded.

When your order is ready for shipping, you will receive a pro forma invoice on your e-mail address if you have

chosen bank transfer or payment through PayPal. The invoice must be paid before the items can be dispatched or


When the order has been dispatched (in the case of shipping) or is ready for pick-up (when you are picking the

item up personally or you organise your own shipping), you will receive a conformational note by e-mail.


Companies (legal entities or individuals that operate commercially, no matter their legal or organisational form)

can also purchase items in our stores and receive a special invoice for companies. The purchase is made in the

same way as for individuals. However, take care to provide the name of the company and the company’s tax

number upon registration (or complete the information in your account afterwards). If you forget to provide this

information, you still have time to contact us and tell us the necessary details before the receipt is issued. After

the receipt has been issued, changes are no longer possible.

Moreover, companies do not have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. If you are not satisfied

with the item, you can return or exchange it under the conditions listed above, however, refunds are not possible.

We offer additional funding options for companies. Please, contact us for more information.


LINCOS online store uses a 128-bit key for encryption and an SSL certificate, issued by an authorised organisation.


For the purpose of registration in the LINCOS online store, you will be asked to provide some of your personal

information, necessary for submitting orders, purchasing, invoice issuing and delivery. The necessary personal

information is: your name, surname, address (street, city and country), e-mail address and phone number. If you

are buying as company, the name of the company and the company tax number will be required. This information

will be kept according to the stipulations of the Consumers Rights Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVOP-1)) for

an undetermined amount of time.

All given information will be used only for the purposes stated hereby and the necessary communication between

the buyer and the seller. In no case will your information be disclosed to unauthorised persons.

The buyer is, however, responsible for the safety of his personal information by ensuring the safety of his

username and password and by providing the necessary original anti-virus protection (anti-virus software, kept up

to date) of his computer.


Lincos d.o.o. shall not bear and responsibility for any eventual damages that would be caused by an external

breach to our online store or for any sort of losses that would be caused by distributor delays in providing

information or by system or line defaults.

At Lincos online store we strive to keep the published content correct and up-to-date. Even so, certain information

is changing so fast and independently of our will and power, such as item stock, shipping rates and prices, that we

cannot adjust them at the moment of change. We therefore admit the possibility of incorrect data, images, text

or sound and audiovisual material. In the case of such errors and irregularities we will allow exchange or return of

the item and the shipping costs will be covered by us.

Lincos d.o.o. may annul the contract if a significant mistake is found, according to article 46 of the Slovenian Code

of Obligations. A mistake is deemed be significant, if it refers to the essential properties of the item, to the person,

with whom the contract had been made or to the circumstances that are deemed as decisive according to business

customs or customer intention, since otherwise the mistaken party, would not agree to conclude a contract with

such content. This includes evident errors in prices.


Lincos d.o.o. respects the valid customer rights laws and ensures an efficient complaint handling. In case of

complaints or troubles, please contact us by phone on (+386) 01/292-7781, by e-mail at racunovodstvo@lincos.si

or by post to the address of the head office. Complaint handling process is confidential. We strive to resolve all

eventual disputes quickly and in mutual agreement with both parties.

The company Lincos d.o.o. does not acknowledge any third party authorised for handling out-of court customer

dispute resolutions, as having jurisdiction for the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, initiated by the

customer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes Act.

According to the EU Regulation 524/2013/EU on online dispute resolution, a single point of entry or ODR platform

has been established for out-of-court resolution of any disputes, resulting from online sales. The mentioned

platform can be reached by clicking the link below.


The Court of Ljubljana has jurisdiction for all judicial resolutions of disputes, the exception being Consumer

disputes. Consumers may bring the matter under dispute at the local court in their place of residence or at the

competent court of the city, where the head office is located. For any disputes that would be raised against

consumers, the dispute is raised at the court, having jurisdiction in the buyer’s city of residence.


All published content on the websites of the company is the property of Lincos d.o.o. This includes especially the

entire source code, the entire website architecture and software engineering, graphic elements, images, sound

and audiovisual material and other elements of intellectual property that are not obliged to be marked with a

copyright sign. The entire website structure concept is also protected by copyright law. The content may not be

copied, referred to (citations), replicated, imitated or distributed in any way without the knowledge of the

company (Lincos d.o.o.) and doing so is hereby forbidden. The website LINCOS contains text and images that

belong to our suppliers or have been created with their permission. The LINCOS brand, which is available on this

website, is owned exclusively by the parent company, which permits its usage on our site. If necessary, all rights

derived from copyright will be defended by all possible legal means.

March 2018